How to Use Experiential Marketing at Your Next Trade Show

Trade shows are making a comeback this year! With exciting developments like the World of Concrete Show in Las Vegas, businesses that relied on trade shows are optimistic about being at in-person networking events once more. However, things will be different as companies make their way back into convention halls to make connections and showcase their business.

Concerns about health and safety are top of mind due to the pandemic. Despite restrictions, your business must get creative to exhibit your offerings and provide a memorable experience. This can be accomplished through experiential marketing. Learn how to use experiential marketing to make an impact at your next event.

Consider Interactivity for Hybrid Events

Hybrid events are not going away any time soon; use that to your advantage. Consider enlisting the help of an on-site host to engage your virtual attendees. Allow them to guide your audience through experiences at the trade show and take a virtual event to the next level. You can also have a Q&A session facilitated by hosts to make online viewers feel connected and in the moment. What people miss the most is the connection, and this may be what your business is looking for.

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Impress Attendees with a Spectacle 

You can make a passing moment feel grand by adding a creative element to your trade show booth. Though attendees may not linger due to safety concerns, they can get an impression of what your business is about in an instant. Using displays, visuals, lights, or a unique setup can attract and engage attendees. If you aren’t sure how to get your booth to a trade show, partner with a logistics company like Pyramid Logistics, that can warehouse, ship, and set up your booth to match your vision.

Attract People Through Technology

Using cutting-edge technology can make your business stand out. Get interactive at a trade show by implementing new technology to dazzle attendees. Augmented reality is one way you can share products with customers without touching anything. With fewer business cards circulating due to safety issues, you can adopt a paperless solution through QR code technology. Don’t let the restrictions hold you back; just get creative. No matter what you decide to go with, ensure that your company stands out with one of these experiential marketing techniques.

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