How To Measure Trade Show Success

For many industries, trade shows are an excellent opportunity for businesses to connect and create beneficial relationships with one another. Months are spent planning, organizing, and designing displays to showcase to potential customers and partners. Trade shows can help companies branch out of their network and find new potential customers.

We have been in the trade show industry for 20 years. A large portion of our projects involves helping displays come to life for an array of businesses as our clients arrange their trade show event. Our team travels year-round to help businesses transport, set up, and store their specialty items for these events.

With much time and effort spent in preparing for these shows, how do you make sure your trade show experience is successful?

Use these metrics to determine the success of your trade show presence:

Generated Leads

The first step in assessing trade show success is the number of total leads generated. Identify the numbers of booth visitors who show interest in what your business has to offer. Generated leads will help you understand how your booth looks and feels to an attendee at first glance.


Meeting Frequency

To take your trade show metrics a step further, calculate the number of people your team spent time having purposeful meetings. Before the show begins, set a goal to have a specific number of meetings scheduled. The number of opportunities successfully converted stems from the number of meetings scheduled.


Average Time Spent Per Meeting

Along with knowing the number of meetings that took place, the amount of time spent on each meeting helps determine the quality of these interactions. The success of strategic meetings has the potential to convert and create sales.


Close Rate

The value of your meetings is determined by how your team managed to move prospects along the sales cycle and influence them to learn more about your brand. Depending on your industry, “closing the deal” can mean different things. Whether it is getting more email sign-ups, purchasing a product, or scheduling a secondary meeting, understanding the effectiveness of reaching this goal will help you know how your team performed.


Determining your trade show success is a powerful tool to understand how to navigate your sales process. As you analyze your team’s efforts, you will be better able to prepare for your next trade show.


How can we help your business and transportation needs? As your team works to craft the perfect trade show experience, we put together the blueprint to warehouse, transport and unload your materials at trade shows around the country.

We work with marketing teams and sales managers to ensure your goals are met.

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