How to Ensure That Your Trade Show Valuables Are Secure

We all like to rely on security at trade shows and conventions, but it seems like it is inevitable that we hear stories about a company’s loss after a show.  While it may not happen often, theft is a problem that can sour your feelings about your show and cost your bottom line.

Whether you have electronics, collectibles, or other high-end items, protecting them must be a priority.  So how do you ensure that your trade show isn’t ruined by theft?

How it happens

Everyone is riding the high of a great trade show, and the tear down begins.  This is when you have a lot of workers roaming around, and oftentimes, security can’t even distinguish who is supposed to be in the convention hall or showroom floor.  So you have an abundance of people, aisles are littered with carts, and workers are disassembling the trade show booth displays, and there are pieces and tools everywhere.

Then there’s the back and forth between the convention or trade show floor and the loading docks. If you don’t have big tear down teams, you may run into times when your team has to load goods, leaving the product on the floor unattended.  While it is nice to rely on show security and the exhibitors in the surrounding booth, theft happens quickly.   Thieves who perhaps cased the show early on may know exactly what they want and have determined how to get it.

A few quick minutes could lead to tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses.  

How to prevent it

Pyramid Logistics regularly provides partners with security cagesthat can store materials and goods during transport and on location.  Our team delivers them to our partners before a show, and the goods are transported securely to the trade show.  Once the show is complete, everything is loaded back into the security cages, and the goods are transported back to the partner’s destination along with their display goods from their trade show booth.

Pyramid Logistics offers three cages to match your needs.

Our 2700 Series Security Cages

Outside Dimensions: 44″x 27″x 75″
Interior Dimensions: 42″x 24″x 66″
Storage Capacity: 39 cubic feet
Approximate Empty Weight: 245 lbs.

Our 4200 Series Security Cages

Outside Dimensions: 72″x 42″x 72″
Interior Dimensions: 71″x 41″x 60″
Storage Capacity: 102 cubic feet
Approximate Empty Weight: 600 lbs.

Our 4800 Series Security Cages

Outside Dimensions: 72″x 48″x 72″
Interior Dimensions: 71″x 41″x 60″
Storage Capacity: 118 cubic feet
Approximate Empty Weight: 650 lbs.

Pyramid Logistics develops customized solutions to transport everything from trade show displaysto classic cars.  Traveling to a trade show can be an exercise in logistics. Not only do you have to arrange for the transportation and accommodation of all the employees attending the show but also the transportation and setup of all your trade show supplies.  How can we help your business and transportation needs?  We work with marketing teams and sales managers to ensure your goals are met.   If you have a question, we encourage you to ask a question or request a quote below: