How To Create An Effective Trade Show Booth: Part 1

Photos by: Johnson & Johnson Vision

Trade shows are an excellent way to connect with others in your industry to build relationships and build business. This type of experiential marketing provides unique value that cannot be attained in any other form.

Every month, our team is busy transporting special goods for our partners’ trade shows across the country. From inbound transportation to break down and storage, we make sure you never have to worry about your trade show logistics.

With so many flashy displays in every direction, it can be easy to get lost in the mix. To make sure your brand is gaining maximum ROI from the time and money spent at the trade show, it’s best to think strategically about your booth.


Here are a few tips to make your trade show booth a step above the rest:


Be Mindful Of Your Booth’s Location

The location of your booth is a very important aspect when planning your trade show. A strategically-located booth can result in the difference in bringing 200 attendees to your booth versus 20 attendees.

When choosing the location of your booth, consider this:

Avoid the entrance, but be near it

There is a fine line between high-traffic and full on congestion. After entering an exhibition area, attendees are ready to start exploring the trade show. If your booth is at the very front of the entrance, you run the risk of being lost in the chaotic crowds.


Be near amenities

Being around amenities such as cafes or restrooms is always a great place because there is constant foot traffic flowing in and out of the area. After attendees feel refreshed, they are much more willing to engage with you.


Take advantage of intersections

When your booth is located on an intersection, you are receiving traffic from four different areas. To maximize your opportunities to connect, open-style booths will perform very well in intersections as they allow attendees to engage from multiple angles.


Create An Inviting Presence

One of our partners, Johnson & Johnson Vision, created an interactive booth at the annual ASCRS meeting in San Diego to engage attendees.

When connecting with potential partners and customers at trade shows, the first impression is everything. Make sure your space is welcoming and allows attendees to feel comfortable approaching your business. Even if attendees aren’t walking up to your booth directly, be sure to greet absolutely everyone who passes by.

If space allows, provide chairs or a seating area so that you can converse with others easily. Walking around a trade show for hours is exhausting for everyone, so providing people with chairs gives them a sense of relief and will create an appealing environment.


Incorporate these ideas to make your trade show experience less of a battlefield, and more of a success.


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Traveling to a trade show can be an exercise in logistics. Not only do you have to arrange for the transportation and accommodation of all the employees attending the show but also the transportation and setup of all your trade show supplies.


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