How Do I Ship a Trade Show Exhibit?

trade show exhibit
One, if not the most important aspect of trade show exhibitors is their booth. Without a trade show booth, your experience at trade shows may not be as effective. Hiring a reliable
trade show transportation company can help you get your booth to the show on time. Pyramid Logistics has over 20 years of experience in the event logistics industry and provides cost-effective shipping for exhibitors.

As you create an itinerary for your company’s next live event, ensure you have your trade show shipping in check. Here’s a look at what you need to do to ship a trade show booth exhibit.

Ship Your Trade Show Exhibit Early 

Making accommodations for your team to participate in an upcoming live event is important, but what about your trade show booth? If your team is at the event and your booth is not, your efforts at a live event won’t be as effective. Avoid the nightmare and ship your booth early! Experienced transportation companies often have warehouses to store your trade show exhibit until the event.

What is included in trade show shipping?

  • The trade show booth and materials (signage, wraps)
  • Electronic items you may need (extension cords, TVs displays, etc.)
  • Giveaway items (business cards, flyers, freebies)

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Establish Clear Communication

Clear communication is the key to establishing trust with prospects, and it is just as important to have open communication with your shipping company. A clear understanding of how many truckloads it takes, where your trade show exhibit is, and when it will arrive at the venue for unloading. If you hire Pyramid Logistics as your trade show transportation partner, we can assist with setting up your booth and taking it down once the event is over.

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Hire a Professional Trade Show Shipping Company

When selecting your transportation company, consider one with trade show shipping experience. Don’t settle for a cheaper company that has to wait for instructions and doesn’t know their way around the exhibition hall. Let a veteran company handle all the transportation and logistics so you can focus on what’s important to your business. For over 20 years, Pyramid Logistics has served thousands of businesses in a variety of industries, providing unparalleled trade show shipping. 

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