How Coronavirus is Affecting the Transportation, Supply Chain, and Logistics Industries


We are deep in the throngs of a major health crisis. The current global pandemic that is COVID-19 has impacted industries in every hemisphere. Here at Pyramid Logistics, we take this threat very seriously and strive to do our best to mitigate the risks associated with this virus. The truth, however, is that in an interconnected world economy, the reverberations from Coronavirus can be felt across every warehouse in the United States. 


Today, we’re going to cover how the virus has affected the transportation, supply chain, and logistics industries: 




The most people-centric of the three industries being covered in our article, transportation has also been one of the hardest hit. With many states recommending that workers stay home, it’s been increasingly difficult for transportation businesses to justify sending non-essential transportation personnel out on the road. 


The reality of the matter is that the transportation industry inherently comes into contact with many different people along a package’s route. From handling it at the warehouse to handing it off to the end customer, there is a much bigger risk of contamination that’s associated with being a delivery driver. As a result, we’ve seen a major slowdown in deliveries in order to help cut down the spread of the virus.  


Supply Chain


As we mentioned earlier, we are one part of a very interconnected world economy. With an industry like supply chain, that’s an understatement. It’s no secret that many manufacturers in the United States rely heavily on foreign materials to complete assembling their products. With as many factories as there are shut down in China and across Asia as a whole, it’s led to a major disruption in the supply chain.


Many manufacturers have been left scrambling to find new suppliers to help them continue to churn out products at their plants. Finding the right partners takes time, however. This means there’s been a significant slowdown in production throughout the supply chain, all thanks to a lack of availability from suppliers to be there for their clients. 




As one can imagine, if there’s a shortage of delivery drivers in the transportation industry paired with a shortage of suppliers to assist the supply chain industry, then naturally, the logistics industry will also be impacted. The current crisis is a logistician’s worst nightmare. Instead of having to find quick fixes for a handful of issues, the industry as a whole is basically grabbing at solutions for every dimension of their business. Trying to solve problems on the fly as suppliers and transportation companies continue to slow down. 


Logistics is all about coordinating every step from manufacturing to delivery. It involves understanding where in the production cycle every item is, when it will be completed, and when it will be dropped off to the end customer. There are a lot of moving parts there, and even the most sophisticated ERP systems are struggling to find adequate substitutions as the Coronavirus continues its spread. 


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