How a White Glove Logistics Service Will Benefit Your Business

white-glove-logistics-serviceSensitive cargo such as medical equipment, machinery, retail fixtures, and sensitive electronics deserve a deeper level of logistical care. Without some extra precautions, these high-value shipments can quickly result in inconvenient delays – or worse, damage upon delivery. 

Thankfully, a white glove logistics service can provide the premium, specialized handling that you’re looking for. At Pyramid Logistics, we offer 25 years of experience in white glove handling, ensuring that our clients’ most valuable items are packed, shipped, and delivered with the utmost skill and care. 

Find out how a white glove logistics service can benefit your business, and submit a form on our website if you have a delicate shipment on the horizon. 


What is a White Glove Logistics Service?

A white glove logistics service is a premium delivery offering, one that’s meant for high-value, heavy, and delicate cargo that requires a unique level of care, including fragile medical equipment, retail fixtures and product rollouts, sensitive electronics, and more. 


Why is it Called a “White Glove” Logistics Service?

While the term historically refers to how movers and shippers used to wear white gloves to protect the products they were handling, it has a less literal meaning nowadays. When you refer to a service as “white glove,” you’re implying that it’s a premium-level, with more care and attention to detail than typical service offerings.


White Glove Logistics Service Benefits

As you can guess, a white glove logistics service carries loads of benefits. If you require careful shipment of high-value, sensitive, and easily-breakable cargo, here are some advantages of the white glove logistic services:


Specialized Handling

White glove logistics service providers, such as Pyramid Logistics, have specially-trained staff and custom equipment to keep high-value items out of harm’s way. The sturdy tie-downs and anchors in our trucks are examples, alongside the air-ride suspensions, making for a smoother ride. Temperature-controlled trucks are also necessary to ship certain medical items and devices, another option here at Pyramid Logistics and other specialty logistics providers.


Door-to-Door Convenience

Any white glove service is centered around client convenience, and door-to-door service is a clear example of that. White glove delivery typically includes loading at the origin, last-mile delivery to the end destination, and inside delivery. With this end-to-end service, you can have complete oversight in a hands-off manner. All of the convenience, none of the risk.


Tailored Delivery

Since specialty cargo tends to vary in size, shape, weight, and breakability, any white glove logistics service is rooted in being adaptable, no matter the need. Specific shipping needs can always be answered with custom solutions, from timeliness and fragility to other special handling requirements. At Pyramid Logistics, this flexibility is the foundation of our specialty freight shipping expertise.


Proactive Monitoring

Visibility is everything when it comes to high-value cargo. A white glove logistics service should offer advanced tracking and proactive monitoring for your peace of mind, and alert you of any delays or issues with semi-regular status updates. 

When you partner with Pyramid Logistics to ship your specialty cargo, you gain all of these white glove service benefits alongside:

  • Debris Removal
  • Expedited Service
  • Crating & Uncrating
  • LTL & Truckload Shipments
  • Customized Preparation & Packing


Rest Easy with Pyramid Logistics’ White Glove Logistics Service

We understand why you may feel apprehensive to ship your delicate, high-value cargo. Delays or damage upon delivery are intimidating, especially when your items are costly to ship. This is where Pyramid Logistics’ 25 years of white-glove service comes into play, protecting your items from every angle. Your high-value cargo will receive the utmost care with our extensive shipping precautions, advanced trucking assets, and complete visibility throughout the logistical journey. 

Located in Los Angeles, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada, Pyramid Logistics is equipped to deliver warehousing and logistics services near our facilities and nationwide. If you’d like to learn more about partnering with us, request a consultation by filling out a form on our website.