Hotel and Association Events

While Pyramid Logistics offers freight-handling services for large items and trade show displays, we also offer help for smaller, table-top models and events that require fewer properties. We can still offer you great rates on shipping in addition to freight handling for hotels and other associations that may host small seminars or trade shows.

Hotel events are often much smaller than trade shows held in convention centers. In fact, many hotel conventions or seminars are targeted to very small groups and may have only 50 to 100 participants. However, the individuals and companies who present at these events still need qualified shipping services to get materials and displays to the proper locations and to set them up strategically as well as to take them down and move them to storage until the next event..

Pyramid Logistics can offer freight handling for all hotel and smaller association events, including “table-top” displays and other items. To save you money, we consolidate freight in our warehouse facility both pre- and post-show. In this way, we can handle the entire group of properties of any number of exhibitors at a small show. In fact, we can warehouse, transport and set up all the displays and other items necessary for an entire hotel convention in one convenient package.

Our services include every aspect of the transport, setup, teardown and cleanup involved in a show. We consolidate all freight in our warehouse to effectively transport it, set up the stations and, at the close of the show, handle the direct return shipments to the owners, even if they all live in different places. We work with a variety of carriers to find the most cost-effective and fastest ways to pack and ship all trade show or conference displays and materials.

Storing your valuable items safely requires preparation. With the right steps in place, you can ensure each product is carefully tracked and protected.

To help you organize these steps, we’ve created a checklist to help your business to plan properly.

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