Top 5 High-Value Goods Transportation Services Benefits

Discover the top benefits of high-value goods transportation services, including white glove service.Transporting high-value goods requires a special kind of care and attention. The cost of losing or damaging precious cargo can be astronomical, both in terms of financial loss and reputational damage. That’s why it’s so important to choose a high-value goods transportation service that you can trust.

For the past 25 years, Pyramid Logistics has delivered high-value goods transportation services to a large roster of clients. With a combination of white glove service, unique trucking assets, and a trusted team of logistics experts, we give business owners the peace of mind of knowing that their items will arrive undamaged and on time.

Discover the five top benefits of high-value transportation services and how Pyramid Logistics delivers on them, before requesting a quote.

High-Value Goods Transportation Services Benefits


When you ship high-value goods you need a freight company that understands the unique challenges of transporting precious cargo, from the importance of temperature control to the need for constant monitoring and security. Implementation of these core values is what creates the white-glove experience you’re looking for. 

Here’s how Pyramid Logistics caters to high-value goods transportation needs:

White Glove Preparation & Packing

High-value goods call for high-quality service, otherwise known as “white glove.” To keep your costly and delicate goods scratch-free during transit, our team offers a white glove service that takes a custom approach to deliveries. No matter the shape or size of your items, Pyramid Logistics’ oversized trucks and white glove service can guarantee a safe and sound delivery.

Temperature-Controlled Trucks

Take advantage of specialized trucks and trailers, featuring temperature control to keep any fragile, heat-sensitive items in pristine condition. 

On-Site/Inside Pickup & Delivery

Make life a bit easier with our convenient on-site pickup. Our logistics experts will travel to your location, pick up your items, package them, and hit the road. Our team also offers inside pickup and delivery to keep your goods protected from bad weather conditions. 

Crating & Uncrating

Items can easily be damaged while packing or uncrating, especially if they’re delicate. Leave the laborious work to us – our delivery drivers and crew will crate your items for transport protection and uncrate them upon arrival. 

Debris Removal

Frequently, deliveries can collect waste and debris either during transportation or uncrating. Our delivery team is keen on cleaning up their own messes, offering a quick and efficient cleanup service to keep your delivery location and items in top condition. 

Do You Need High-Value Goods Transportation Services?

Do your high-value goods require a higher level of transportation? At Pyramid Logistics, our specialized equipment and white glove offerings can deliver your delicate goods safely and securely. And with 25 years of experience handling specialty freight shipping, your trust won’t be misplaced. Request a consultation today to start planning your high-value delivery.

Located in Los Angeles, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada, we are equipped to handle a full range of services near our facilities and all over the nation. As the industry continues to go digital, Pyramid Logistics remains at the forefront of warehousing. If you’d like to learn more about partnering with us, click here, or reach out to our offices for a consultation.