Hidden Transportation Costs You Should Question

Now more than ever, businesses with a supply chain are looking for logistics solutions that won’t cost an arm and a leg. With the global pandemic slowing down channels earlier in 2020, transportation via truck freight made a recovery as demand began to increase.

Diving deeper into transportation, there are a few factors that have the biggest share of hidden costs. Knowing the costs associated with your transportation can help you better determine ways to reduce or even eliminate additional costs in your overall spend. Read more below to discover what each factor entails.

Specialty Delivery

Shipping and delivery are two of the most important things in mind for business owners. This is especially true for deliveries that require special handling and shipping. Most transportation companies can accommodate this need, however, it is not without a hefty price. Whether it’s a fragile item or express delivery, the costs can be immense and run more than a normal shipment. Specialized delivery for your shipment may be unavoidable for your business, so consider a transportation company that is equipped to handle this type of delivery.

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Shipment Size

Another factor that can increase your transportation costs is the size of your business’s shipments. Depending on what type of products or services your business offers, you may have shipments arrive more frequently. However, we encourage you to determine what your business needs are and how often shipments should arrive. It may be possible that your shipments can be reduced by consolidating them into one large shipment rather than many small shipments. The most important thing is to find this opportunity and improve your potential cost savings.

Temperature Control

Lastly is the factor of temperature control. This option may not be high on the list or as common as the others, but this specialized handling service accounts for a significant amount of transportation costs. While it may be impossible to go without refrigeration or temperature control for your products, this factor should be top-of-mind when considering your transportation costs. We recommend searching for a company that owns their fleet of trucks because they have more control over the services they offer.

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