Ground Vs. Air Freight: Which Is Right For You?


Getting goods from one place to another is an important job. When transporting your specialty items for events, it can be easy to overlook the most important aspect – making sure your assets arrive on time and damage free.

At Pyramid Logistics, we take that job seriously. We offer a full range of air, ocean and ground freight services and expedited capabilities that are customized specifically for trade shows, events, and high-value products.

When it comes to transporting unique items, deciding between ground and air freight can be tricky. Make the right decisions between the two will come down to comparing the benefits of each.

There are a few factors to consider when choosing between ground and air freight:

  1. Where is the shipment going?
  2. How urgent is the shipment?
  3. What size is the shipment?


Here are the differences:


Ground Freight

When you ship using ground freight services, your items are transported over the road in a truck. Our transportation services at Pyramid Logistics entail a team of highly-qualified drivers helping businesses transport special items for trade shows and other special events.


Where: Generally, the shorter the distance between the start and end points for your packages, the more likely it is that trucks can cover it by your delivery deadline. When your company uses our trucking services, we are able to transport your items anywhere in the country.


How Urgent: As long as your items have a schedule to arrive on a certain day or within a range of days, using ground freight is an effective option.


What Size: Trucks and planes both have space restrictions. But, if your company needs to move a large number of specialty items, it is normally more cost effective to ship them using trucks than it is to find space on several planes. Our trucks can haul items with little trouble. For large and heavy packages, ground transportation is almost always the best choice. Our trailers can load 40% more than a standard trailer – allowing us to offer lower transportation costs.


Air Freight

The Air Freight and Expedited Services Division of Pyramid Logistics is a fully certified Indirect Air Carrier (IAC) and is registered with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA),  We expertly handle time-sensitive, oversized, and specialty shipments to every corner of the USA and abroad- getting your important products and displays to you in the shortest time possible.


Where: The longer the distance, the more likely it is that you’ll need to use air freight services. Our air freight department has years of experience in the domestic and international trade show air freight markets.


How Urgent: When compared to ground freight, air freight can cover a much greater distance in much less time. But keep in mind that shipments may still have to travel by truck from an air distribution center to its final destination.


What Size: Planes are limited in the amount of weight they can carry. It is important to take into consideration exactly how much shipment would need to be shipped when using air freight.


Whether you decide to send your items by land or air, freight shipping is one of the best ways to get your belongings where they need to go.


Some cargo simply requires different and more specialized handling. Our team solves provides full-service logistics for high-value, time-sensitive products. We can get anything anywhere with our specialty shipping services and partnerships with other companies and professionals to ensure that your products arrive on time and undamaged.


How can we help your transportation needs? We work with marketing teams and sales managers to ensure your goals are met. If you have a question, we encourage you to contact our team or request a quote below:



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