Film Industry Transportation: Why You Should Hire a Logistics Company

pyramid logistics team moving a film industry set from truck
The next blockbuster movie or hit television show could be right at the heels of your entertainment company. When you’re on a strict timeline and budget, you must ensure that your sets and props are all accounted for. After all, it is your livelihood! When it comes to the transportation of your valuable assets, your transport team should be a logistics company.

Pyramid Logistics has decades of experience in transporting items and sets in the film industry, so we know what it takes to transport fragile or bulky items safely and on time. Our specialized fleet of purpose-built special equipment is specially designed for the unique needs of our film industry clients.

Here are several reasons you should hire a logistics company to transport your studio assets.

Cost-Effective Savings

Logistics businesses have experience shipping and delivering goods for clients. They offer a cost-effective way to transport larger or more difficult items by finding the right size trailer, offering multi-stop service, and more. A moving company may not be able to provide these services, and if they do, it may be inadequate. Decide to partner with a provider who can handle the task. For example, Pyramid Logistics trailers can load 40% more than a standard trailer – allowing us to offer lower transportation costs to studios.

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Nationwide Transportation

A moving company can get you from one location to another, but they may not operate outside of their local area. Transportation to film locations within your area may not be an issue, however, if your entertainment company requires transportation from one coast to the other, you may have a problem. A well-connected logistics company has a network for transporting items for long distances, as well as storing your goods in a warehouse. The convenience of working with one business for storage solutions and delivery is priceless.

Safe Handling

Last but not least, is the safe handling of your high-value goods. Studio sets and props are extremely valuable, so it’s important to partner with a company that has the right equipment to secure items for travel and deliver them to their destination without damage. A moving company may not be equipped to handle uniquely shaped or large items. A logistics company often has special trailers, forklifts, flatbeds, and more to deliver a client’s cargo. 

Consider a business like Pyramid Logistics to help you move your valuable movie or studio assets and make your work easier.

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