Disposal Logistics Problem Becomes a Comfortable Solution for Local Canines

We like to think we make a difference in all of our partners’ lives. From warehousing and transporting display items to and from trade shows to working with partners on multi-city experiential marketing tours, the team at Pyramid Logistics enjoys developing transportation and logistics solutions.

Recently, we encountered an interesting situation with a client who had an impressive set up at ComplexCon. They had 1,000 cushions for a lounge setting that created a relaxing vibe at the show. Our partner, a local creative agency, was faced with a dilemma after the show – what to do with 1,000 cushions!

The orders were to dispose of the cushions at a landfill, which would have been costly for the partner and would not have been the best thing for the environment. Gene Smith, our Sales and Special Projects manager, came up with a different solution. Why not repurpose these cushions for a good cause?

We began reaching out to the community, and we met our match with Jenn Morris and the VCA Yorba Regional Animal Hospital in Anaheim Hills.

Jenn and her team gladly accepted the donation of the cushions, which would provide comfy padding for all of the relaxing animals at the hospital. The facility rented a container to store the cushions, which will be used throughout the year for the four-legged friends.



This story is just an example of how Pyramid Logistics works to develop solutions for its partners. Whether it is a customized transportation solution for expensive cars or disposal needs for a marketing display, we think outside the box to exceed our partners’ expectations.


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