Conventions and Trade Shows to Make a Return in Las Vegas

Across the country, states are facing varying restrictions due to COVID-19. The state of Nevada recently announced that plans for restrictions on large meetings will be loosened, meaning trade shows and conventions will be making a comeback in the near future. The city of Las Vegas is known for trade shows and conventions, and this brings a glimmer of hope despite the limitations of gatherings.

Learn more about what is in store for large meetings in Las Vegas.

Attendee Limits and Restrictions

Venues in Nevada will be able to hold conventions, conferences, and trade shows but have a limited capacity of 250. Venues will be able to host events with up to 1,000 guests, as long as they meet specific requirements such as separate entrances and exits, floor to ceiling walls, and separate rooms. This number does not include employees working at the venue, performers, or organizers. Event guests must also follow COVID-19 regulations already in place across Nevada, including wearing masks, checking temperatures, and staying 6 feet apart.

Large Event Changes

These restrictions will certainly have an impact on how large meetings operate. Local entertainment giant, MGM Resorts, released their plan for conventions and trade shows, offers a look into what their events will be like. They plan to have signage reminding guests to be mindful of their distance and have protective barriers in registration and food areas. Water pitchers and dispensers in conference rooms will also be eliminated, and the hotel will instead offer single-use water bottles. 

Booth Set Up Recommendations

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