CES 2022 Recap: Here’s What You Missed

One of the most exciting events of the year is the Consumer Electronics Show, otherwise known as CES. This year, the event returned to the Las Vegas Convention Center with highly anticipated attendance and exhibitions. Just before the event, a new variant of COVID-19 appeared and Omicron forced many businesses to reconsider their attendance. 

If you weren’t able to make the show, we’ve got you covered. Discover what you missed at CES 2022 and find trade show transportation services for the event next year.


Low Attendance for Attendees and Exhibitors

With Omicron surfacing at the end of December, many companies decided to back out for their and the public’s safety. Despite CES requiring all of its attendees to be fully vaccinated, there was enough concern that big brands such as Amazon and Google decided to back out of the event. In a press release, CES noted they had over 45,000 people in attendance – approximately a 75% decrease from 2019’s event attendance.

Gary Shapiro, CEO of the Consumer Trade Association running CES, noted that the show would start 2022 in a “messy” fashion, but that risks were necessary for innovation.


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Technological Advances for Key Industries

CES did not disappoint exhibitors demonstrating their products and new technology across multiple industries. Automotive technology was at the top, with BMW showing off its color-changing car and the reveal of a new automaker from Vietnam, VinFast. The digital health industry also made news with more ways for people to monitor their health through the use of wearable tech. Last but not least, more than 800 start-ups from 119 countries came to exhibit at CES.


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In-Person Networking Boosts Exhibitor Morale

One of the biggest highlights for exhibitors is the ability to network with prospects or potential partners. Exhibitors who attended CES and were quoted in the event’s press release cited better connections with the prospects they spoke to. Going to an in-person meeting allowed back-and-forth responses that don’t happen easily online. CES provided a platform for business owners that was valuable for not only growing their company but boosting morale.


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