CES 2022 Exhibitor’s Survival Guide

ces survival guide

CES is just around the corner. If you haven’t made plans for your booth, now is the time! Before you head off to the Consumer Electronics Show, make sure you have assistance from a reliable trade show logistics company, like Pyramid Logistics.

Exhibitors impress attendees with an attractive display. Once you have your booth up and ready, your business is free to network and build on partnerships.

CES 2022 Do’s:

Proof of Vaccination
CES 2022 will require proof of vaccination to enter. Remember to bring your vaccination card or plan to be fully vaccinated according to CDC guidelines by the time the event begins. 

For now, the CTA is assessing acceptance of proof of a positive antibody test as an alternative requirement but this is not confirmed at the time this blog was written. Review the Consumer Electronics Show health protocols.

Bring a Portable Charger
You’re planning to show up and show out at this live event! Most people use their phones to do business and communicate. If you’re left with a dead phone battery midday, it will make networking more difficult. Bring a portable charger in your bag. Pen and paper will also work, but at CES you don’t want to be caught in the “Stone Age.”

Have Ample Staff
At a busy event like CES, you should bring a few more team members. Why? To ensure that your booth has enough people to chat with prospective clients! Don’t miss out on opportunities to make connections because you were short-staffed.

Wear Comfortable Shoes
No one wants to approach an exhibitor’s booth and find the representative sitting down. It sends a negative signal to attendees, so bring comfortable shoes. You’ll likely be standing all day, and wearing the right footwear is key. 

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CES 2022 Don’ts

Don’t Bring More Than You Need
As much as you’d love to be prepared for any and everything, only bring the essentials. Don’t bring everything (and the kitchen sink)–it will create more stress for you as you set up for the event and as you pack up. Avoid bringing unnecessary signage, an excess of branded giveaway items like pens and notepads, or boxes of business cards.

Don’t Get Distracted on Day 1 and Day 2
CES has historically seen exhibitors pack up by Day 3 to head out early. If you intend on making an early exit, ramp up your energy and make an impact the first two days. Don’t rely on Day 3 to make the connections. A lack of exhibitor attendance may convey to attendees that the event is not worth attending on the final day.

Don’t Leave Your Booth Unstaffed
Everyone needs a break at some point. If you go to CES with one representative, your booth will be unattended when you break for lunch, a quick coffee, or go to the bathroom. Ensure that you have enough staff to work in shifts so someone is at your booth at all times. 

Don’t Lose Sight of Networking
Going to an in-person event after a year of Zoom calls and virtual conferences will be exciting! The energy of socializing face-to-face may be positively overwhelming; however, don’t lose sight of your goals. Networking is the key! Despite the glitz and glamor of the Las Vegas lights, you are at CES to recharge your business and grow. 

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