How to Ensure That Your Trade Show Valuables Are Secure

We all like to rely on security at trade shows and conventions, but it seems like it is inevitable that we hear stories about a company’s loss after a show.  

While it may not happen often, theft is a problem that can sour your feelings about your show and cost your bottom line.Whether you have electronics, collectibles, or other high-end items, protecting them must be a priority.  So how do you ensure that your trade show isn’t ruined by theft?… Read More

4 Things Needed For a Successful Trade Show

4 Things You Needed For a Successful Trade Show
1. Choosing a Budget
2. Select Your Events
3. Choosing Your Products
4. Securing Transportation

From small business to global corporations, trade shows are great events to showcase your products, services, or capabilities.  Many businesses generate new leads and new customers/clients at these events as thousands of people walk past their branding on the trade show floor.   So how does a business make the jump into trade shows?   The team at Pyramid Logistics transports goods for clients for more than 100 shows per year, and we put together a little handy tip sheet to get you started. … Read More

April 2019 Trade Shows to Watch

Our teams are gearing up to hit the road. 

It’s a busy April in the Trade Show world, and there are several shows that we will be assisting partners in their transportation and logistics needs.Pyramid Logistics is an industry leader in transportation, logistics, warehousing, and experiential marketing. As your marketing team works with designers to craft the perfect booth, we put together the blueprint to warehouse, transport and unload your materials at Trade Shows around the country.

Here are some of the biggest ones:… Read More

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