Case Study: Pyramid Logistics Assists in Office Relocation of ASICS America

As businesses became affected by the coronavirus, they had to pivot to stay afloat during this uncertain time. We saw this as an opportunity for Pyramid Logistics to provide transportation services and help loyal clients and businesses stay in business.

After COVID-19 hit, Pyramid Logistics began to offer transportation services that went beyond the usual projects of trade shows, studio props, and retail logistics. Switching gears at a difficult time, we wanted to help businesses continue operating by offering office and industrial (O&I) services.

In October, we took on an O&I service project with ASICS America by relocating their office facility in Irvine, California. ASICS America is part of a multinational corporation, ASICS, that produces sports equipment and apparel. Their products have solidified their stake in running shoes by making quality footwear.

When ASICS America needed assistance with their office relocation, they called on Pyramid Logistics to help them get the job done. We have the equipment for trade shows or consumer events, but we pivoted to use the same tools and manpower so we could make the client’s transition smooth and quick. The project was completed in two waves. 


The Pyramid Logistics team packed, delivered, and unloaded office furniture, filing cabinets, supplies, and over 200 computers. 

In the wake of the pandemic, safety and service are two factors that are important to Pyramid Logistics. The team assisting in the relocation made the effort to wear their masks in the moving process and while in the ASICS America facility. 

Pyramid Logistics develops customized solutions to transport everything from trade show displays to office facilities. Request a quote for your business.



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