Can Last Mile Changes Reduce Supply Chain Costs?

Tractor trailer parks at movie studio following last mile delivery to help reduce business supply chain costs.41% of overall supply chain costs stemming from last mile deliveries, and shippers are looking for any way to slice their final mile costs. Thankfully, with a few optimizations to your last mile, supply chain costs can certainly be reduced in the long haul. Optimizing routes in advance, automating dispatches, and offering more delivery options are three widely offered solutions that can tweak your last mile for lower overall costs. 

Learn how logistics experts are approaching the last mile debacle, and contact Pyramid Solutions for attentive shipping and delivery of your precious cargo.

Optimizing Routes

One last mile solution that can reduce supply chain costs is route optimization. If the route isn’t mapped out and laid out in advance, the risk of additional fuel costs and incomplete deliveries could materialize. 

But with efficient routing, you can set a clear goal for your drivers, assign them to the quickest available routes between stops, and end up saving significantly on fuel and delivery mishaps. 

Automating Dispatch

Dispatching and assigning drivers may seem like a minuscule task, but it’s more time-consuming than you’d imagine. If you were to calculate how much time you’ve spent simply dispatching your drivers over the past few years, the number would shock you. 

To save time and labor costs, many logistics companies are opting for auto-dispatch technology. These platforms can instantly assign deliveries to drivers without the need for manual work, allowing logistics experts to send the correct driver to the correct location without even lifting a finger.

Flexible Delivery Options

Another way logistics providers are slicing last mile costs is by offering additional delivery options. More delivery options may seem like they’d increase costs, but this isn’t the case. Giving clients the choice between different delivery speeds and convenience levels actually brings overall costs down versus a flat fee. Think expedited shipping versus regular or the convenience of Amazon’s one-day delivery alongside their no-rush delivery option. 

While having more delivery options may require more coordination and new technologies, it offers more convenience for clients and customers while bringing down last mile costs. 

Lower Last Mile Costs with Pyramid Logistics

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