Best Trade Show Shipping for Vision Expo West 2022

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Are you preparing for Vision Expo West this year in Las Vegas, NV from September 14th through the 17th? Companies from all over the country take this opportunity to meet thousands of ophthalmic professionals and gain more qualified leads. However, with ongoing supply chain and trucking issues, it can be difficult to find a reliable trade show shipping partner. Here’s a breakdown of current trade show shipping issues, and why Pyramid Logistics is your optimal logistics partner.

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Supply Chains & Trucking Issues In 2022

Over the course of the pandemic, one sector has faced notable issues across the country: supply chains. Along with growing backlogs that are bottlenecking ports, warehouses, and the whole supply chain, a tighter labor market has made things even more stressful. We see this with shipping companies struggling to employ enough freight drivers to meet distribution demands – with many trucking companies adding new equipment and higher salaries to stay in the competition.

This trickle-down effect has led to weakened trade show shipping capabilities – but not for us at Pyramid Logistics. We own and operate our fleet of trucks, and they are in full service and available to serve your shipping needs for Vision Expo West 2022, while our logistics expertise ensures that your freight is always on time. Furthermore, in the event of shipping and event emergencies, we’ll provide immediate access to your materials.

Trade Show Shipping with Pyramid Logistics

With the ongoing difficulties of trade show shipping in 2022, you need a trusted logistics partner more than ever for Vision Expo West this year. For many companies, trade shows are their chance to engage in mass networking and carry out thoroughly planned in-person promotions. Rather than canceling your attendance due to asset transportation issues, opt for stress-free logistical support with Pyramid Logistics

When you partner with us for trade show shipping, you receive a number of integral services:

  • Trade Show Survival Kits: Everything you need for an efficient trade show setup. Get color-coded labels, pre-printed bills of lading, a 24-hour hotline service, and more.
  • Security Cages & Containers: Protect your trade show materials by renting or purchasing security containers from us.
  • Show Floor Representatives: Get on-site support to help with setup and breakdown, as well as local union regulations and other regulatory concerns.
  • Pad Wrap Services: Your assets will be pad-wrapped, protected with plywood slip-sheets, and organized with color-coded labels.
  • Flexible Shipment Sizing: Each of our trucks includes oversized doors for easy loading and unloading.
  • Damage-Free Transit: We seamlessly transport each piece of cargo with air-ride suspensions and sturdy tie-downs to anchor display units in our trucks.
  • Emergency Services: We’ll provide immediate access to shipments in the event of a transportation issue.

Request a quote today to start preparing for Vision Expo West this September 2022 and avoid the logistical issues faced by other ill-equipped carriers.

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