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trade show transportation

Trade shows are where your business shines in front of a large audience of potential buyers or partnerships. As an exhibitor, you have a goal to create an enticing booth, get your staff prepped, and implement your master marketing plan. With so much responsibility, it is all too easy to fall short. Many companies choose to hire trade show transportation & logistics companies for support with transportation and setup.

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On-Time Trade Show Transportation

Timing is everything. Part of your strategy is to meet people with the right message at the right time. If your booth isn’t delivered, set up, and ready by the time the exhibition hall opens then you may not meet your marketing goals. Consider hiring a trade show transportation company to help you transport everything that you need to make the biggest impact on potential prospects. Pyramid Logistics offers flexibility, such as extended hours and weekend pickups, to help busy clients with their trade show booth.


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Stress-Free Transport and Warehousing

Our trade show transportation services include pad wrapping, which protects your assets during transit. This can be a relief when you have high-value items to exhibit at your booth. With planning, our team can also coordinate temporary storage so that your items are where they need to be before the show. That helps us with on-time delivery and secures your assets for the show! 

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Unparalleled Event Organization

Last but not least, we offer exhibitor survival kits for trade shows. The key to successful events is organization. We have your back when it comes to ticking off all the boxes for trade show transportation. Our kits offer everything you need for a smooth trade show setup. You’ll find organization tools such as color-coded labels, pre-printed bills of lading, instructions for service contractors, control forms, and a 24-hour hotline service.

If you’re ready to exhibit, we can help! Let us handle your trade show transportation needs so you can grow your business.


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