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Unlike many other items, transporting automobiles requires experience and specialized handling. We are proud to uphold our reputation for being a trusted partner when shipping high-risk items such as automobiles and motorcycles around the country for trade shows, events, and studio productions. Our customized transport trucks and trailers have allowed us to help businesses take their valuable vehicles to any location damage-free.

With each automobile, we provide the following:

  • Enclosed and open transport: We offer both enclosed transport and open-trailer transport. Our team will help you pick the best-suited and most cost-effective method for you.
  • Car capacity: If you need a multi-car shipment, our team will ship up to seven vehicles on one truck. 
  • Maximum clearance: Each truck and trailer includes nose cone construction for maximum use of space and ample clearance around each vehicle. 
  • Advanced beaver tail liftgates: Our trucks feature beaver tail liftgates. They are the preferred closing gates for race car trailers, as they minimize any potential risks.
  • Independent articulating racks: Articulating racks make it easy for us to customize space for any vehicle and safely fit as many vehicles as possible into one truck or trailer.
  • On-board accessories: We carry ramps, winches, wheel chocks, and cargo bars with us during transit to ensure that we can safely load, secure, transport, and deliver vehicles of any type.
  • Secure transit: With years of experience in transporting vehicles, we have learned how to secure vehicles of any size safely, and transport them without mishap using a variety of straps and tie downs.

Storing your valuable items safely requires preparation. With the right steps in place, you can ensure each product is carefully tracked and protected.

To help you organize these steps, we’ve created a checklist to help your business to plan properly.

    Free Warehousing Inventory Checklist


    Companies We’ve Worked With

    “Just wanted to thank you for a job well done again this year. You folks are the hub of all Kawi activity on the Tour and we in Consumer Events rely heavily on you to ensure everything is handled on-site and that Kawasaki always looks professional and 1st rate, not only in the eyes of consumers, but also among the people who run the Tour with you. This Tour presented quite the challenge with short timelines and terrible weather, but you all handled these issues with true professionalism and teamwork to successfully complete this project.

    Kawasaki, especially us here in Consumer Events, are proud to have you as part of our team and look forward to continuing this relationship long term. We are awaiting next year's schedule and will share when received. I'm sure you all can't wait to get back out to the snow, ice, bitter cold and Unions again! “

    Pat Harris
    Manager, Consumer Events,
    Kawasaki Motors America, USA

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