Automobile Transportation: The American Honda Motorcycle Division Enlists the Help of Pyramid Logistics

Pyramid Logistics has 23 years of experience when it comes to transporting specialty goods. We are proud to uphold our reputation of being a trusted partner for shipping high-risk items such as automobiles and motorcycles around the country for trade shows, events, and studio productions. 

For over 10 years, the American Honda Motorcycle Division has called on Pyramid Logistics whenever they need special transport equipment for new product launches and commercials. 

A specific branch of the Honda Motor Company, the American Honda Motorcycle Division, specializes in Powersports vehicles such as motorcycles, ATVs, street motorcycles, etc.

Unlike many other items, transporting automobiles or motorsport vehicles requires experience and specialized handling.

Our customized transport trucks and trailers allow us to help businesses take their valuable assets to any location, damage-free. We took care of the logistics so they could focus on shooting a commercial showcasing the abilities of their products.

When the question arose of who they would partner with to transport their motorsport vehicles, the American Honda Motorcycle Division trusted Pyramid Logistics with the job.

When transporting specialty goods, we carry ramps, winches, wheel chocks, and cargo bars with us to ensure that we can safely load, secure, transport, and deliver vehicles of any type.

In this case, our skilled drivers transported the client’s vehicles to the film site and ensured they were packed safely when shooting was done for the day.

Another service included for this client involved the use of independent articulating racks. This allows us to customize space for any vehicle and safely fit as many vehicles as possible into one truck or trailer. With over 20 years of experience in transporting vehicles, we have learned how to secure vehicles of any size safely, and transport them without mishap using a variety of straps and tie-downs.

Our specialized automobile and motorsport service is why the American Honda Motorcycle Division remains a confident partner of Pyramid Logistics. 

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