Are You Using the Best Trade Show Transportation to the International Vision Expo?

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Coming March 30- April 2 is the International Vision Expo East. The location is New York City’s Javits Convention Center. More than 30,000 attendees are expected at this, the ‘trade-only’ yearly event. There will be close to 562 exhibitors at this conference, in more than the equivalent of five football fields of exhibit space. Several brand name exhibitors will be depending on Pyramid Logistics for their trade show transportation, to get their exhibits and merchandise delivered on time and in safe condition to the Vision Expo. The focus of the Expo is on education, fashion and technology in the eyecare industry, presented all under one roof. On display, will be the world’s most fashionable eyewear designs, fashion accessories, eyecare products, and the new technology in advanced medical equipment that can be utilized in the eyecare field. Along with networking among eyecare professionals, the Expo has organized and will offer 310 hours of educational sessions, especially for Optometrists and Opticians. Some of the session’s hours go toward maintaining optician certificates. Best business practices and solutions will also be offered in educational sessions.

A major part of attendance at the Expo is the opportunity to attend educational sessions. There will be sessions designed for eyecare professionals with topics like; ocular disease, diagnosis and treatment, contact lenses, therapeutics, state-of-the-art imaging technology, among others. Also presented, will be the way to accurately code and bill these services.

Some of the session topics will be focused on developing your successful business. These sessions will give insight and ideas on how to source suppliers for merchandise that will meet the needs of your eyecare business. Other topics will be concerned with setting prices and creating promotion strategies. Successful methods of building inventory to build your practice and increase the profitability of your business are also available. If you are hoping to build a high-end inventory with pricing and positioning information, there will classes you will want to investigate. Luxury merchandise sales and their success are also covered in session topics. Additional topics in fashion eyewear, building your business, and utilizing social media will also be presented. Vision Expo East has a mobile app that will help attendees explore all the show has to offer.

Another aspect of the Vision Expo is the panel discussions. Two topics covered will be, Evidence Based Eye Care and Clinical Practice, also, Review of Research in Clinical Practice. Expert panelists will be from Case Western Reserve University, Optique, and the University of Iowa.

Over 5,000 brands of the season’s hottest glasses and sunglasses will be on display. As an exhibitor at the Expo it is vital to have the merchandise and display elements arrive to the right place and in good condition. Pyramid Logistics can handle challenging tradeshow logistics with efficiency and care. Major exhibitors at this year’s Vision Expo will be relying on them to have everything delivered when and where it needs to be.

One feature of this year’s Expo will be a “fashion show” atmosphere with models walking the exhibit floor featuring the latest eyewear. Trends in colors, shapes, fashion details and lenses will be on display. The International Vision Expo is the premier event in displaying eyewear trends, contact lenses and developing technologies, for eyewear and glasses manufacturers. One name in eyewear that depends on Pyramid Logistics for its tradeshow services is Quiksilver. Their eyewear products feature stylish designer and sunglasses for men. They specialize in frames for athletic activities. If your outdoor activities keep you outside for long periods of time, it is important to protect your eyes from possible sun and glare damage. Quiksilver has designed a wide range of sunglasses for men. They have the styles and shapes to fit your active lifestyle.

Zeiss will be another exhibitor at this year’s Vision Expo. They also rely on Pyramid Logistics for their tradeshow logistics. Zeiss is an international leader in optics and optoelectronics. The company is advancing the world of optics and technological progress with its medical technology, eyeglass lenses, microscopes, and camera and cinematic lenses. They have developed a full range of eyeglass lenses, which will be on display at the Vision Expo. Zeiss Single Vision Lenses are primarily used for single power distance vision or reading. Progressive Lenses provide clear vision at all distances. The power of the lens continuously increases from a distance to the near sight zone. Office lenses provide relaxed and clear vision from near to intermediate distance and are specially designed for office and computer tasks.

With the advances in computer and mobile technology, people are viewing lighted technology screens on a continuing and daily basis. Zeiss Digital Lenses are designed for those using phones and tablets throughout the day. Lengthy periods of viewing digital screens can produce eye strain. Not just the problem of reading devices at close range for several hours a day, but the switching back and forth between near and far vision has increased. People of all ages are complaining of eye strain for these reasons. These lenses are designed to overcome the problems of digital eye strain.

Another client of Pyramid Logistics is Abbott Medical Optics. For more than three decades, they have been innovating the ophthalmic industry. Their focus is sight-enhancement and vision-restoring innovation. Abbott Medical Optics have developed innovations in cataract surgery, laser refractive surgery and consumer eye health. They have stated, “…we have spent the last 30 years pushing the boundaries of vision surgery and ophthalmology, bringing improved vision to the patients and physicians who use our products.”

Allergan, Inc. is another Pyramid Logistics client that will use their tradeshow transportation at the Vision Expo. Allergan is a global provider of specialty pharmaceutical products. They concentrate on three main areas: eye care, neuromodulators, and skin care. Allergan is one of the world leaders in ophthalmic pharmaceuticals. They develop, manufacture, and market products used in the treatment of glaucoma, cataracts, dry eye, eye infections, and conjunctivitis.

The “See America” campaign, started by Allergan and launched in February has the goal of ending preventable blindness by 2030. They hope to do this by raising awareness, increasing access to eyecare, and developing treatments to combat vision loss.

These and other companies rely on Pyramid Logistics to transport, deliver return or warehouse their display materials and merchandise. You should follow their lead and use Pyramid Logistics for your next tradeshow needs. You can rely on their expertise, just ask their clients.