5 Ways To Establish Your Brand’s Presence At A Trade Show


Trade shows are a cornerstone of B2B sales. They’re often one of the first touchpoints for potential clients to get to know your company in person and provide businesses with the opportunity to woo visitors and show them what they’re all about. With that said, trade shows are inherently competitive, and if you don’t adequately prepare for them, you risk getting lost in the crowd. 


Looking to stand out from your competitors during your next appearance? Here are five ways to establish your brand’s presence at a trade show: 


Location, Location, Location


Our first tip for establishing your brand’s presence starts months ahead of the actual event date. It’s no secret that foot traffic is the name of the game when it comes to trade shows. If you want to set your company’s booth up for success, aim for the prime real estate locations at the event center. 


Preview a map of the space, and take locate where the restrooms and the food halls are. Try to secure yourself a spot where the foot traffic from both of those areas intersects. You’ll easily double or triple the number of people walking past your team compared to spots along the outer edges of the building. 


Invest In Your Display


It’s no longer acceptable to merely set up a booth and hand out flyers. Investing in your booth and the display associated with it will do wonders for your branding efforts. Look for something eye-catching that incorporates various heights, colors, and sounds. 


Most of your competition is probably using pop up displays, which are a dime a dozen. Instead, opt to go for either a custom stand or a modular exhibition stand, either of which will give your business the unique look that it deserves.


Get Interactive


How do you make sure you are remembered by the people who stop by your booth? Well, if science is any indicator, then interactive exhibits are the way to go. Don’t settle for just giving passersby something to look at – Instead, create an opportunity for them to physically engage with your brand. 


You’re looking to build an experience because that’s going to keep your name in a potential buyer’s consideration set much longer than if you don’t interact with them at all. Great ways to do this are kiosks, photo booths, games, and anything else which cuts through the monotony of a trade show floor. 


Step Up Your Giveaways


No more mugs and pens. Those will likely end up at the bottom of each attendee’s backpack, never to be seen again. Instead, aim to be memorable. If you step up your giveaways and provide gifts that visitors actually want to receive, brand affinity will rise with it. 


Think about prizes like wireless headphones, phone chargers, and anything else that says you’ve put some thought into the utility of your gifts. Believe us; visitors will take note. 


Create A Crowd


If there’s one thing that draws people in, it’s the fear of missing out. In other words, find ways to create a crowd. Whether it’s a cool light show like LG’s OLED falls during CES 2019, or another design element, the goal is to stop people in their tracks. 


Even if you can get 5-10 people to stop what they’re doing and take a look at your display, their body language will quickly signal to those around them that your exhibit is worth a closer look. It’ll give you exactly the exposure every company is looking for when they sign up for a trade show. 


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