5 Reasons to Exhibit at Vision Expo East 2022

Vision Expo East 2022

Vision Expo East 2022 arrives in New York in just a few months. Ophthalmology professionals and businesses are getting ready for one of the biggest trade shows of the year. At the event, exhibitors and visitors will have access to educational seminars, industry leaders, and the latest technology. If you’re still considering reserving a booth, here are five reasons you want to exhibit at Vision Expo East.

1. Gain Qualified Leads

One of the biggest benefits of exhibiting at this trade show is exposure. Yearly,  dozens of high-end optical buyers, practice managers, and independent doctors head to Vision Expo East to connect and discover new opportunities for their practices. As an exhibitor, you’ll be able to meet these professionals one-on-one and help them reach their goals. And because they are already in the market for new solutions, you’ll be working with the most qualified prospects.

2. Increase Your Brand Exposure

Every exhibitor at the show receives free marketing and PR. This means your business will be listed on the website as well as some upcoming content. However, there are some other great opportunities at Vision Expo East 2022, including sponsorships. In addition to setting up your booth, you can also become a sponsor of the event or purchase an advertising package. Their options include three levels of overall show sponsors, exclusive email marketing messages, and print signage and kiosks. If your business is more interested in the education portion of the show or year-round opportunities, you have the ability to become a VisionEd sponsor or secure long-term exposure in VisionExpo social media and email content.

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3. Education

VisionEd at Vision Expo East is an optimal experience for everyone attending and exhibiting at the show. These accredited courses will help you obtain the certifications you are looking for, as well as get a look into the future of eyecare. These educational seminars are not just reserved for practicing physicians. There are a multitude of courses to choose from for optometrists, opticians, contact lens professionals, allied ophthalmic professionals, optical assistants and office managers, frame buyers and lab technicians, and other professionals working in the industry.

4. Networking

Like other trade shows, networking is the number one reason to attend Vision Expo East. At the event, you will have access to new customers, but you will also be exposed to potential referral partners and industry experts. You can engage with all members of the vision community in one place. As an exhibitor, you’ll be able to meet face-to-face with thousands of ophthalmic professionals and attend all peer networking events.

5. Cutting Edge Technology

Wondering what’s next for eye care and the vision industry? Find the latest trends and technology at Vision Expo East. As an exhibitor, you will have the freedom to explore an entire room of ophthalmology community members. During education seminars and booth pop-ups, you’ll get firsthand experience with the latest technology and get insight into the future of the industry.

Trade shows like Vision Expo East 2022 are a great opportunity to get exposure for your business, meet industry professionals, and engage with potential customers and referral partners. While planning your booth, you also want to keep in mind your exhibit’s transportation and setup. It’s important to work with a professional logistics company that specializes in trade shows.

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