4 Ways Trade Show Venues and Organizers Put Public Safety First

pyramid logistics - 4 ways trade show Venues and Organizers Put Public Safety First

After a year without trade shows, companies everywhere experienced great loss as these in-person events assisted with business found through networking. When virtual shows started popping up in place of live events, it was a sigh of relief for business owners.

After World of Concrete 2021, a construction event in Las Vegas, trade shows seemingly had the green light to continue once more. It was clear that public safety remained a priority and the event sparked a desire for businesses to attend shows. However, in the face of a new variant of the virus, trade shows in high-transmission areas are being canceled and companies are withdrawing from exhibiting. 

It’s important to know that venues and trade show organizations have health and safety guidelines in place for keeping attendees and exhibitors safe. Here are several ways that trade shows put public safety first.


1. Mask Requirements

The CDC announced that masks are required for vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals in high transmission areas. Mask requirements at trade shows will be in place for the foreseeable future. Venues and show organizers uphold this rule to keep everyone safe because masks reduce the risk of spreading illness. Attendees should be aware that they may not be able to enter a show without a mask.


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2. Technology Upgrades

Trade shows continue to become more high-tech each year. However, now that technology is used for public safety. From thermal cameras that measure your body temperature to renting remote-controlled robots that walk the trade show floor for you, technology is rampant. Venues and associations ensure that safety is the top priority with tech upgrades that make the event-going experience more comfortable. Learn about how technology was incorporated for a medical convention in California from the LA Times.


3. Hybrid Events

Hybrid events are here to stay. To provide a great experience, associations have set up both in-person and online components for attendees. This mix is a happy medium for those who would prefer to attend from the comfort of their home. No matter where you are, it’s likely that there’s an online session or live stream you can attend for your event thanks to the efforts of show organizers.


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4. A Cap in Capacity

Last, but not least, venues and associations can place a limit on the number of people who can attend physically. Capping the number of attendees helps reduce large crowds in a single space, which is better for public safety. Although venues tend to be large, it’s just another way that show organizers and the venue can control crowds and keep everyone safe.

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