4 Reasons Exhibitors Should Use Pyramid Logistics for Vision Expo West 2022

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Vision Expo West is the second opportunity of the year for ophthalmology professionals to meet, educate, network and see the industry’s newest technology and innovations. If you missed out on getting your booth ready for Vision Expo East, your second chance is here! Get your marketing materials ready and leave the heavy lifting to Pyramid Logistics

Keep your trade show shipping resource local to Las Vegas and trust in trade show transportation from an excellent logistics partner. Discover why Pyramid Logistics should be your first choice to exhibit at Vision Expo West 2022.

Asset-Owned Trucks & Equipment

At a time when securing trucks and trailers is difficult, you should seek a logistics partner that owns their assets. From trucks to equipment, Pyramid Logistics owns its fleet of custom-sized trailers and logistics equipment, and employs its truck drivers. As an exhibitor, it can be invaluable to work closely with the team handling your company’s cargo. It can also be a relief to have better control because of how close you work with the team in comparison to the same work provided by big brand chains.

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On-Time Transportation and Shipping

Feel confident in your trade show transportation company by setting expectations. With Pyramid Logistics, you discuss what your logistics needs are, the security of your assets in transit, and the delivery. Your booth is a key element of your exhibit and it should arrive on time and without damage. If you do not have your booth ready for Vision Expo West, you risk losing valuable business or partnerships. That’s why you should start with Pyramid Logistics; request a quote for trade show shipping today.

Secure and Local Warehousing 

When you are flying in for Vision Expo West, you will be busy handling your team’s accommodations, badge pickup, and schedule. You may be overwhelmed and for that reason, you should have your trade show shipping secured before you travel. If possible, enlist the help of a local logistics company to best prepare for this live event. Pyramid Logistics has an office and warehouse in Las Vegas, Nevada, and can pick up your booth essentials from out of state and store them until you need them delivered. This kind of service is unparalleled and will save you from the stress of in-transit, late deliveries.

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Hire the Professionals at Pyramid Logistics

The best trade show shipping comes from companies that have years of experience in the events industry and transporting trade show booths. Pyramid Logistics has both! When you hire a professional trade show transportation partner you get peace of mind and assurance that your booth will be ready in time for Vision Expo West. This team of trade show professionals knows their way around the trade show floor, and can even help you set up and take down the booth once the event is over. 

Let Pyramid Logistics handle your trade show transportation needs!

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