3 Trade Show Logistics and Networking Tips For Your Ophthalmology Business

trade show logistics - ophthalmology

Trade shows are back, and your ophthalmology business should not miss out on these great opportunities. Although in-person shows are alive and well, networking may look a little different this time around. Here are some tips on how to make the most of socially distanced networking and how trade show logistics experts can ensure your booth is ready to go for your next ophthalmology show.

Socially Distanced Displays

Trade shows are back, but displays are changing to meet the needs of social distancing and safe networking. One simple way you can successfully interact with both attendees and potential partners is to modify your setup. Utilizing things like partitions and shields allows you to interact with visitors face to face while remaining socially distanced. Your booth may also need a larger footprint to accommodate these new features. Consider reserving a larger space during upcoming exhibits like Vision Expo East 2022 to ensure your booth can provide a comfortably spaced networking area that attracts your optimal visitors.

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Incorporate Outdoor Spaces

Networking doesn’t only have to happen inside the trade show doors. Cocktail hours are a great way to connect with potential customers and referral partners. Plan an outing at a nearby restaurant that has outdoor seating and can accommodate a larger group of people. Use the space to safely spread out and facilitate great discussions with the visitors. Whether you want this to be an exclusive event or are opening invitations up to everyone that stops by your booth, utilizing nearby venues is an ideal way to keep the conversation going. 

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Recruit Professional Trade Show Logistics Experts

Ophthalmology trade shows like Vision Expo East 2022 are a great opportunity to discover what’s happening in your industry and build your network. With the need for socially distanced booths and exhibits, you need trade show logistics experts. Trade show professionals like those at Pyramid Logistics understand the ins and outs of setting up your booth and adhering to all safety guidelines. With over 20 years of experience, we are your trade show partner. Our transportation and trade show logistics team will give you peace of mind for your upcoming shows. We’ll help you securely transport and set up all of the exhibit pieces and ensure they are safely stored after the show ends. 

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