3 Tips to Improve Final Mile Delivery Services

Final mile delivery is the movement of goods from a transportation warehouse to its final delivery destination. When offering final mile services to customers or B2B companies, it is imperative that you offer this service with great attention and timeliness. 

When clients select their logistics provider, they expect to have particular services included with the transportation for their peace of mind and benefit. Whether or not your business has these services, incorporating them can make a difference for clients and, in turn, your business.

With over 20 years of experience in transportation and final mile delivery, we offer our best tips for improving your final mile delivery services.

Last Mile Delivery Anywhere

Clients expect their logistics provider to be able to deliver their goods on-time and without issue. In seeking their options, clients may look for a logistics company that offers extensive  coverage for delivery. If your business does well to provide nationwide delivery or international options, you potentially broaden your area of service and client base. Doing well across different markets can identify you as a reliable provider.

Online Shipment Tracking

In a digital world, the ability to track packages is becoming increasingly important to customers and businesses. By providing last-mile tracking for your deliveries, you can understand the metrics of your final mile services and give clients peace of mind knowing their goods are on the way. This real-time information can also reduce inefficiencies for your benefit. Giving exceptional delivery experience to clients allows them to continue their day without worrying whether their shipment will arrive on time and gives you credibility.

Offer White Glove Service

When it comes to your clients’ cargo, they may require more than what a logistics provider can offer. Having the option to add on white glove service for delicate or fragile cargo alongside delivery can improve your last-mile delivery. Clients find value in the options to unpack their goods, assistance with assembly, or debris removal. Going beyond the expectations of delivery can set you apart from competitors and create an advantage for clients with fragile freight.


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