2015 11-Western States Cross Country Competition Sponsored by Asics

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Pyramid Logistics is lending retail logistic support to Asics, sponsor of the 2015 11-Western States Cross Country Competition, and the company is proud to be a part of such an exciting event for young people!

The event was featured as one of the Asics top competitions for the week, and offered young people from throughout the Western states the opportunity to run in a formal event for awards on a regional level.  Hundreds of students arrived to compete in this multi-state competition made possible by the generous support of Asics and other corporate sponsors.

Asics is a strong supporter of high school and college sports.  Every week, somewhere in the country, Asics is probably sponsoring a meet and offering its corporate support to young athletes.  The 2015 11-Western State Cross Country Competition is just one of the many athletic challenges offered by the manufacturer of quality running shoes.  Asics has partnered in the past with sporting goods giants such as Foot Locker to bring about many of these cross country competitions so that students throughout the nation can compete with their peers and gain recognition for their talent and hard work.  For many, these competitions represent their best moments as athletes and bring them to the attention of scouts and others who can help them take their running talents to the farthest limits.

Pyramid Logistics was able to support this great event with the help of Lancaster Management I&D.  Together, Pyramid and Lancaster set the event up with a custom 20 by 40 teak floor for shoe and apparel booths so that those attending the competition could find the very best in active wear.  As it turned out, about half of the cross country runners were wearing Asics shoes!  The event was a great success, with many of the competitors enjoying the benefit of having Asics products ready to buy right on site.


Pyramid Logistics Is On The Move!

 Pyramid Logistics takes great pride in working with companies like Lancaster Management and Asics to promote worthy endeavors like the 11-Western States Cross Country Competition.  Not only is Pyramid Logistics able to provide logistic support for these events, but we also make it easier for the sponsors to focus on making the events successful rather than worrying about transportation issues.  For more information on how Pyramid Logistics can help make any event a success with professional transportation service for all types of exhibits and cargo, give us a call today!