$1 Million Plane Transported to Testing Ground in Utah

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Pyramid Logistics is a company with many capabilities. Among them is the ability to transport ‘high-value’ assets on time, with care and expertise.  Movie studios have known this for quite a while and have used Pyramid Logistics to transport sets, props, vehicles and equipment for some of their blockbuster movies:


  • Ghostbusters
  • Spider-Man
  • The Green Hornet
  • Ghost Rider
  • The Equalizer
  • White House Down

High-value product transportation can be trusted to Pyramid Logistics. We transport and deliver your high-value items on time with expert packing, by drivers trained in the transportation of high-value product logistics. We can even tailor-make the crating and packing materials needed to transport a bigger than life bronze statue!

For the 25th anniversary of the founding of Blizzard Entertainment, an American video game developer, and publisher, a statue was commissioned that would be placed on Calligraphy Greenway in Taichung, Taiwan. The makers of the statue needed to find the right transportation and logistics company to transport this 14 foot, 4,000 lb. one-of-a-kind, bronze statue, safely to Taiwan. It is a statue of Lich King Arthas Menethil, one of the company’s most iconic characters. The statue was designed by the artists at Alliance Studio. This was a cargo that required specialized handling. It had to be safely shipped from the United States to Taiwan without being damaged. Pyramid Logistics engineered the specialized shipping containers and cargo restraints to ensure the safe delivery of this exceptional, high-value asset. Pyramid Logistics was the right choice for this high-value asset transportation. The Arthas statue is now on display in Taiwan.

Another recent project also involved the logistics and transportation of a high-value asset. California Baptist University employed Pyramid Logistics to carefully pack, transport and deliver their new, “Mounted Lancer” sculpture, to be placed at the entrance of the CBU Events Center. The statue was created by artist Lance Jost, who has created other statues displayed on campus. His work can be seen on top of the bell tower, on the gym, and in Stamps Courtyard. Four class gifts and funds from the Associated Students made the commission of this statue possible.

This statue is a bronze sculpture of the CBU mascot, a lancer holding a shield, riding a charging horse. A lance was attached after the statue was mounted. The statue, which was two years in the making, weighs 4,000 lbs. and is 15 feet high. The foundry that poured and made the statue, is in San Fernando, the University is in Riverside. This distance had to be covered, taking great care to deliver the statue in perfect condition. Pyramid Logistics secured and packed the statue for the safe ride to Riverside. Our drivers are experts in the transportation of high-value assets. It is important to entrust high-value cargo to a company with expertise in the transportation of such objects. We can engineer special cargo restraints and packing materials to ensure safe deliveries. The “Mounted Lancer” made it in time for the May 4th ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new Events Center.

One of Pyramid Logistics most intriguing projects took place just a few months ago. Pyramid Logistics was given the assignment to arrange transportation for an unmanned airplane to a testing facility in Utah. This high-value asset needed to be insured for one million dollars, something that is no problem for Pyramid Logistics. Because this was a high value, transportation assignment, Pyramid Logistics’ expertise was needed in the design and engineering of custom-made straps for the body of the plane and special padded support for the wings, which could be removed for the move to the testing ground.

The testing ground was in Utah. The Dugway Proving Ground air facilities has a hangar, long taxiway, and runway. There is ground support equipment and three instrument approaches. The airfield supports all types of aircraft and aviation activities. This facility can support the development and testing of unmanned aircraft systems. The facility has 798,214 acres composed of salt flats, sand dunes, and mountain terrain. There are 1,500 employees, some of whom work for the Department of Defense. There are also active duty members, contractors, and civilian workers. This base also serves as a flight testing facility for the United States Air Force.

Pyramid Logistics can provide the latest in transportation technology and transport anything anywhere. This unmanned plane was no different. It arrived in complete safety and everything went smoothly. An ‘on-site’ agent accompanied the plane to ensure everything went as planned. No matter how fragile or how valuable the freight, Pyramid Logistics gives your cargo the care and protection it requires. We can get your high-value products wherever you need them to be, in your timeline and in safety. Just ask our clients. Our success speaks for itself.